A Step Forward

Our History

Champlain Valley Family Center was established in 1982 in order to meet the drug and alcohol prevention and treatment needs of residents in Clinton County, NY. Dr. Richard Schnell and a group of dedicated individuals founded the agency and Dr. Schnell served as both the executive director and the clinic director for the fledgling agency in its first years of operation. Over the last 30 years Champlain Valley Family Center has grown in staff and services and today holds a respected position as a treatment option of choice for many who are struggling with the effects of substance abuse. Champlain Valley Family Center is proud of the decades of service we have provided to the residents of Clinton County and their families.

We specialize in...

Substance Use Treatment

School-Based Prevention

Community-Based Prevention

Supportive Housing

Intensive Family Support Program

Tobacco-Free Clinton, Franklin & Essex

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